Issue 64: Fire and Ice

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Stories from Comic-Con Continued...

What's this three comics in one week? It's a miracle! Our Chibi series continues, with more stories from Comic-Con. I realize it would be appropriate to post a picture of Mike here, so I'm going to use the opportunity:

I'll leave the decision up to you...Is he a Nerdy Electrical Engineer or a Hip Indie Music Fan?

Stories from Comic-Con

This is somewhat a true story. I was in the Hasbro line to buy an Alternator Rodimus Prime, and Transformer Movie toys, pondering what to buy my girlfriend. Of course given that it is a Comic-Con, the options are somewhat limited. My friend suggested a R2-KT, and it fit the bill accordingly. As a side note, when your significant other complains that you don't buy her enough flowers, showing up with over $200 worth of Transformers is a recipe for disaster.

I've switched the order of the news posts, so that the newer posts show up on the top. I find this order more pleasing, so you will have to adjust to my whims.

Seal of Approval

Ice is holding a seal because she's hungry. I think you should read that one issue of Martian Manhunter about the Chocos, Tim.

I guess I should also mention how disappointed that Ice was brought back. And in Birds of Prey, a book I don't read, no less! I read Checkmate and did a triple-take. I really liked the character, but her death was quite powerful and integral to Fire and Guy Gardner. Oh well, at least Jean Grey and Captain America are still dead.

Comic Con Stuff

I'm not exactly sure why Ice has a seal in this strip, except for the fact that Ice is cold, and Seals like the cold. It is sort of disturbing that the Giffen era JLI has just been totally destroyed. What is probably one of the best light hearted eras of comics has literally been raped, beaten and killed. Is there any Justice in the world of comics? Who's next the former members of Young Justice? (oh wait).

As you may have known, we got back from Comic-Con a week ago, and I thought I'd post some of the sketches I got. The first sketch is actually done by Mark Bagley at Emerald City Comic-Con. I somehow made it on to his sketch list as the very last person, then somehow managed to get him to draw two characters (Ultimate Spidey and Deadpool). The next three are from Comic-Con. Todd Nauck drew me a Robin and Impulse from Young Justice. I considered getting a Superboy, but he was only doing head sketches so I figured I better get some masks. I got Jim Calafiore do draw me an excellent full body Blink sketch. If you're not reading Exiles it's by far one of the most creative comics being published today. It's sort of a "What If" spinoff, with a consistent cast. For the last sketch, I got a Darkseid from Bruce Timm, creator of the Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: TAS, Batman Beyond, and Justice League.

Stay tuned for more comic-con stories in the near future. is a digital parody comic about Comic Book Characters. The original characters are owned by Marvel, DC and other respective copyright owners. PassFailStudios uses the names and images of these figures for the purposes of satire. The opinions and words expressed on this site should not be construed as text from Marvel or DC comics.