Issue 60: The Super Hero Guide to Fighting

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TV and Such

Heroes was lame this week, worst finale to a great season since I watched the anime X. Lost is amazing again. Also, last week, Ultimates 13 and All-Star Batman and Robin 5 came out. WTF? They finished those? I think it was Bizarro comics week.

We've all been busy with science, so sorry for lateness. We have strips, and I'll color once I'm done with wedding stuffs (not mine, don't worry, you 2 female fans we have, I'm still single). Also I've been watching a lot of anime since American TV's been dying down. Comics have been slow recently too; but Ted Kord is the new Captain America.


Sorry about the lack of updates. We really have no excuse, except we're just late. Hopefully we won't be as late next time around.

In other comic book news the first official pictures of the Joker from the Batman Sequel were "released." I know Mike is in love with the new Joker, but I'm a bit doubtful. It doesn't really look like the Joker we've all come to love, and I really hope this doesnt become a "sad clown" movie, or some weird tribute to John Gacy. That said, it won't matter what he looks like as long as Ledger's performance is up to par. I'll reserve judgment until the first trailer, but for now I could see it going either way.

On the small screen, Heroes managed to completely kill the massive momentum it had going into the season finale. The climatic battle between Sylar and Peter, two heroes that have the combined power of all the other heroes combined, was only two punches. TWO PUNCHES! Nathan showing up at the end was also predictable and the easy way out. Oh and a cliffhanger, is only a cliffhanger if it makes any sense. Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb. is a digital parody comic about Comic Book Characters. The original characters are owned by Marvel, DC and other respective copyright owners. PassFailStudios uses the names and images of these figures for the purposes of satire. The opinions and words expressed on this site should not be construed as text from Marvel or DC comics.