Issue 54: Shot

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In case you don't keep up-to-date on all comics, or read/watch CNN, or have any exposure to the Colbert Report, Captain America is dead. Because when he's all hand-cuffed, he's suddenly vulnerable to bullets. As our strip above implies, our guess is MJ's next on the Marvel cutting block.

So far, there seems to be a Elvis-ish "Is he really dead? Or is it a trap?" thing going on in The Initiative and New Avengers. Will they break out with a new Myspace-having, Cheeseburger-binging Captain America wielding a nigh-indestructible vibranium/adamantium alloy iPod? Perhaps that's the future for Speedball. Actually that'd be pretty funny. I can see it now:

Captain Speedball: Hurt me, so I can hurt you!
Villain/Unregistered Hero X: Umm, No.
Captain Speedball: That's it, you're out of my Top 8! *Starts typing*
Villain/Unregistered Hero X: Now, while he's distracted! *Pulls out a microphone and starts singing*
Captain Speedball: Pop music, my only weakness!

Yeah, I'm not sure where I was going with that either. Anyway, I saw 300 finally. I liked it; it was good, clean, desensitizing gore and action that I felt kept pretty close to the comic. My biggest gripe was the obvious dichotomy in dialogue. On one hand, you had the epic Frank Miller "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAA!" lines; whereas on the other there were some "Come out of there, Spartan!" "Make me!" high school-esque lines. Also the words Sparta and Spartan were said at least 500 times. But, yeah, go see it.

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