Issue 53: IceMan Cometh

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Technical Difficulties

We haven't updated in a while, but I assure you we have a strip just about done and also this chibi:

Problem is, Tim's sort of out of commission at the moment, and he usually takes care of the lettering. Add various conferences/business trips/finals/etc. into the mix and you have a recipe for lack of updates. This chibi features my patented 30-second lettering, but we will update it, along with a new strip, when we can. Also, we finally have a good reservoir of new strips written for the weeks to come.

And my NCAA bracket went to shit today! I am now officially rooting for Butler.


In general, Marvel and DC rarely cross their respective universes without a major event (that is never canon), and never without premium format chrome covers. Still Ithought that a 90's flashback would be worthy of a such a crossover. Originally inspired by a comic a friend sent me, I figured that the ridiculousness of Marvel/DC's ice heroes celebrating Vanilla Ice would be worth drawing. Speaking of Vanilla Ice, the new TMNT movie looks amazing. Hopefully the Ninja Rap won't be making a return.

In other movie news, 300 comes out this week. Based on the trailer, I don't see how a movie about 300 Spartans cutting off Persian heads in slow motion could be anything less than an Oscar winning movie. They might as well give it all the awards now. In fact they should invent a new Oscar for it, "Best Fucking Movie of all time". If the movie ends up sucking, I rescind this comment.

Of course if they did that, they should give Ghost Rider an award for "Best Special Effects for a Character that just stands there and points" Seriously, the movie did have some great effects, but the action was just lacking. I guess $100 Million buys you a CGI model. It takes another $100+ Million to animate it. (i.e. Spidey/Superman) Of course the plot was non-existent...but really, when Motorcycles are on fire, is there a need for logic and reason? In all seriousness, I think the movie may be worth a rental or matinee viewing, but only if you like Special Effects, and nifty visuals. Even the action feels "weird" and not that exciting. But a flaming skull is a flaming skull, and that's pretty cool by default. If you haven't seen it by now, you'd probably be better off seeing the other two movies I mentioned. is a digital parody comic about Comic Book Characters. The original characters are owned by Marvel, DC and other respective copyright owners. PassFailStudios uses the names and images of these figures for the purposes of satire. The opinions and words expressed on this site should not be construed as text from Marvel or DC comics.