Issue 47: A Meeting of Consequence

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TPB Thursday: 1/18/07

This week I will be reviewing Earth X by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger. Incidentally, when I started reading comics again (which I hadn't since the Clone Saga), it was because Tim suggested and lent me this series.

Earth X takes place in the Marvel Universe some 20 years into the future, when everyone on Earth has gained superpowers. At the same time that everybody powers up, Uatu, the Watcher, was mysteriously blinded. He summons X-51, Machine Man, to replace him as Watcher and to relate to Uatu what is happening and has happened since his blinding. We learn along with X-51, as he observes the old Marvel heroes, now relics of an age long passed.

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The War Between The States

They talked in Civil War 3. They talked in Invincible Iron Man 14. They talked in Iron Man/Captain America - Casualties of War. How many times are these guys gonna say the same arguments over and over? I think the only place left for them to meet is a strip club, although as our strip (intended) shows, it might be best for everyone.

Civil Meh?

If I was at "war" with my "best" friend, I would probably try to talk it through before coming to blows. After I did that three times, and each time ended with us fighting, Goliath dying, and clone Thors blasting, I would probably stop trying.

Overall Civil War is decent. It started out with a bang, and had a ton of great moments, such as Spidey's Reveal, The return of Thor (before he was a clone), and best of all Cap escaping from HelliCarrier. In the last few issues, Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic have basically been asses, and now apparently it's going to end in one big fight. I mean sure, I guess all crossovers end in a big fight...but this better be an amazing fight, otherwise Civil War will ultimately be disappointing.

Note to Mark Millar: An "Amazing Fight" does not end with Cap dying.

In other news the final poll for our next "sketch update" is up. Make sure you vote for you favorite hottie*

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