Issue 45: One Year Resolutions Later

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Come vote for the hottest female in Ultimate Spider-Man's life! (Spoilers for the Ultimate Clone Saga)

Akemashite Omedetou

Actually, the Question's there for a damn good reason. He's going to answer the biggest space-question of them all: where'd all the space-water go? Aquaman will die unless he gets space-wet!

I was going to write a post about newuniversal and how much it reminds me of The Authority, perhaps not in story so much as how the universes feel; but Mike pointed out to me that they are both written by Warren Ellis. It makes sense, only now I feel a whole lot less insightful. I should pay more attention to these things. Anyway, it's too early to judge this title, but it's more intriguing than not. Something to keep in mind for in the future, I suppose.

Happy New Year, we will try to keep 2007 full of superjackassery, so keep reading!

Happy New Year!

After returning from our respective Christmas breaks, we've finally posted a new strip, with a One Year Later twist on it. In all honesty, I haven't read much of the OYL comics. To me, there were a lot of comics that I was buying (Batman, Detective, Batman/Superman, JLA) and I viewed OYL as a good jumping off point, where I could just pick up the Trade Paperbacks later if they proved worthwhile.

However, I have been keeping up with 52...well at least until I got bored of it. Personally it feels like 6 or more comics just jammed into one, with the pages mixed randomly. Honestly not ONE of the storylines could have been supported in its own comic (except maybe Booster Gold), and the only reason it's selling is because DC jammed them all into one gimmick book. I find that the stories I don't like (Montoya, the space thingy, Black Adam) get in the way of the stories I do like (Booster/ Skeets, Steel/Luthor). By the time the comics get back to the stories I like, I've forgotten what happened. (normally I could just flip back an issue, but with 52 I have to figure out which issue to flip back to) Sure it may have it's moments, but it certainly doesn't have 52 of them.

In other news we've added a Messageboard to the site. It's mainly going to be used for you to respond to the comics that you like, and bash the ones you hate. (or not) Just click the link beneath the comic that says "Comment on this comic". (duh) Of course you can use the Messageboard to discuss whatever, but keep it (somewhat) clean. is a digital parody comic about Comic Book Characters. The original characters are owned by Marvel, DC and other respective copyright owners. PassFailStudios uses the names and images of these figures for the purposes of satire. The opinions and words expressed on this site should not be construed as text from Marvel or DC comics.