Issue 44: A Very Merry "X"-Mas

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Tease Me

What is it with Marvel superhero movies and riding up or down sides of buildings?

X-Mas (Photo)Shopping

Well, not really x-mas, I photoshopped this chibi together back when Mike was out of town around Thanksgiving. It kinda got lost along the way, until now!

Not only is this chibi in continuity (see this), but it's based on actual photoshopping I did when really bored. Oh, I was bored more than once that night. The Japanese pop stars are C-ute, and Tim thinks I'm really sick for photoshopping them. And knowing about them in the first place. I probably am.

First you crack the shell...

...Then you crack the nuts inside

Well I admit that it certainly looks cool, but it just doesn't feel like Transformers. I have to admit though, if I didn't know anything about G1 Transformers, I'd think this movie was going to be hottest thing since Spider-Man 1. I guess if the X-Men can wear black, Optimus can have flames on his side.


I'd say I have to agree with Mike here. The Boys is interesting, but if you like our comics, there's NO guarantee you'll like The Boys. It's basically a "What if the JLA were a bunch of sex-maniac assholes". It's also pretty graphic and gross, stopping short of...well nothing. It actually reminds me a a lot of Supreme Power, except that Supreme Power is something you don't have to be ashamed to own.

I guess if I'm going to dismiss Scott's recommendations, I would have to offer Young Justice, and Joe Kelly's run on Deadpool if you like our brand of humor. I don't know where you'll be able to find them, as neither has been TPBed beyond the first 6 issues...but they're worth it. (complete collections pop up on ebay every now and then)

As to the strip above, a friend of ours actually commented that we characterized Magneto perfectly, since he's always coming up with some hair brained scheme. I mean if he really was the master of magnetism...couldn't he just move a car out of a parking spot? I guess if you're going to ask inane questions like that, then it would be fair to ask why can't Superman just always fly around the Earth and turn back time?

That was secretly a test please award yourself the folloiwng points based on your reaction to the above statement.

1 Point)

    Wow, you are right. Superman should be invincible.

2 Points)

    You are confusing movie Superman with comic Superman. The movie is not comic-canon. Even Earth-2 Superman who is uber powerful, is no longer alive and couldn't do that. (unless of course Superboy-Prime punched time, and merged movie-canon with comic-canon)

If you scored 1 point, you are a normal human being. If you scored 2 points, you are a huge comic nerd....Yes I am aware that it is more desirable to have a smaller score. I am also aware that I would have scored a 2.

Point: Counterpoint

So I read The Boys today, based on Scott's recommendation. I'd say that I'm generally a Garth Ennis fan...I read Preacher back in the day, and I still keep up with the Punisher. Usually, I'm prepared to be shocked, disgusted, and generally amused by Ennis's work. But his latest really feels like it has no soul, and it literally makes you feel dirty after reading it. (Funny, because that's exactly what Tim told me as to why he stopped following Ennis's Punisher run) I suppose it's just his way of upping the ante, to outdo his previous works of dark comedy...but I think I'll pass on this one and go back to reading my happy-go-lucky issues of Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire Justice League International instead.

Happy Christmahanukwanzakah

Happy holidays, everyone! Here's a little holiday shopping cheer to which we can all relate. We might not get the next strip out for a week or two, but we should be able to find a chibi or Mike sketch as a late X-mas present.

While you have some time off from work/school/etc, I suggest you pick up The Boys. I was recommended this title, and although there aren't many issues out yet, I am enjoying it greatly. It pretty much follows around a group of government-sanctioned hero-killers, with a plethora of violence and sexual deviance. It's full of boobies, man butt, and sickos! Which is I suppose what I'm into.

Have a good one! Peace out. is a digital parody comic about Comic Book Characters. The original characters are owned by Marvel, DC and other respective copyright owners. PassFailStudios uses the names and images of these figures for the purposes of satire. The opinions and words expressed on this site should not be construed as text from Marvel or DC comics.