Issue 4: Maybe It's Time to Clean It...

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It's a Syndrome

No I'm not psycho. It's an actual syndrome. Women in Refrigerators or WiR for short. At some point, comic book writers decided that tying up the Damsel in Distress (or DiD for short), and putting her on train tracks wasn't enough, and they needed to be chopped up, raped, paralyzed, beat up or whatever.

Apparently Gail Simone identified it as a syndrome where comic book writers are constantly depowering or killing off popular female characters. While I agree that it might be driving off female readers, I think that the weirdos that read comics are probably doing a good enough job already. In any case, it's nice to see perhaps one of the grossest moments in Green Lantern history imortalized as a "genuine" syndrome.

As to my own person reactions over Green Lantern, I was thirteen when I first Green Lantern #54, and seeing a superhero's girlfriend chopped up into little bits and stuffed into a fridge wasn't the usual fare I was used to. Fortunately I've recovered from that incident and matured enough to joke about it. Sunny D and Corpses...together at last.

Proper Etiquette

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