Issue 35: How Batman Got His Groove Back (Part 1)

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Just in case you missed it at Comic-Con, here's Nick Cage melting his face... off....

On Topic

I like this strip because it features Green Arrow, who has now shown up as a recurring character in Smallville. Well, technically only Oliver Queen has shown up, but he has arrows and has worn a Robin Hood/Not-Green-Arrow-We-Swear costume to a party. Also, there's a JLA episode coming up this season. I really, really don't know why I keep watching. I say it's the slim hope of seeing Bizarro, but really it's just as if I were in quicksand--I'm so deep I just can't get out.

Heroes gets better and better; I highly recommend it. I don't see it as something terribly original--I mean, ok, so it's in a "real-world situation", but we still have to suspend the same amount belief that someone can fly no matter what the context--but it's done really well. TV eats up a lot of my time these days.


So this is our first two-part strip. If you don't like the strip this week, it's because the joke is in the second part. (not really). All we have to do now, is extend our "two-part" strip to a "22-part" strip and we'll officially be unofficial comic book writers.

Does anybody feel like they're buying comics over and over and over again? For example, I bought all the Invincible Hardcovers, figuring that they'd be the "best ever", but now there is: this should I buy it? or should I not? I can't even sell my Hardcovers, cause I got Ryan Ottley to draw a nifty sketch in them... is a digital parody comic about Comic Book Characters. The original characters are owned by Marvel, DC and other respective copyright owners. PassFailStudios uses the names and images of these figures for the purposes of satire. The opinions and words expressed on this site should not be construed as text from Marvel or DC comics.