Issue 29: Like Up the Butt

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In Blackest Night

We found this lost page from Green Lantern: Rebirth and decided to share it with the world! Snakes in the ass, indeed. I feel I should also mention that although the Rainbow Brite strip was the first one we all did together, this strip was the first one we all wrote while being in the same place (at Comic-Con).

I have to share some sad news today. Because of Marvel's recent delays with Civil War, we have also decided to delay the next few strips. We wouldn't want to spoil things, as our strips tie in very closely to the plotline of the biggest Marvel event this millenium! So, here is the new schedule:
PassFailStudios Strip #30: 9/20
PassFailStudios Strip #31: 10/25
PassFailStudios Strip #32: 11/8
And then back to the regular weekly schedule after that.

Go see Snakes On A Plane!!! It is the greatest movie of our generation, hands down.

52 Week 15? Grrrrrrrrrr.

And I'm spent.

Where Poo Comes From

I think the initial humor to this strip was sparked by the idea that Hal was turned into a cosmic villian by a little yellow bug that crawled up his butt. I guess if you want to retcon something, you might as well blame it on yellow bugs up the ass.

Of course retconning a stupid idea in the first place, is in general welcome. In fact, I believe that Green Lantern: Rebirth (where this all took place) was a way to make Hal's betrayal somewhat acceptable. DC was stuck inbetween a rock and a hard place, with Hal's fans on one side, and those who thought Kyle was a more than adequate Green Lantern on the other. Of course it takes Geoff Johns to come up with the overly "complex" idea that it's the GL Corps, and there could be...well you know... possibly more than one Green Lantern? I'm just happy they didn't kill of Kyle, as he's my personal favorite. He's simply the GL I grew up with and the one I prefer. Nothing against Hal, I just never read anything with him in it. My first GL stories were of Kyle and his refrigerator girlfriend. Now if only they'd bring back the crab mask...

I don't think we're really going on a break, but Mike is going to China again. So we'll see how many strips he can crank out before he leaves. I have a Psylocke Pinup that says "break in case of emergency," so I'll distract you with boobies if Mike is gone too long.


Yeah we've been a few days late on each of our strips now. I believe the last two have come out Sunday night instead of Friday night. We've also added color to our strips though which increases the workload of our strips. Hopefully you think it's worth the extra time.

August Fools

Just in case you didn't get the joke about the schedule above, it was a reference to Civil War and the central books being delayed almost 2 months. Although Mike is going on another trip, he's working hard to get a couple strips ahead so that we won't actually have any delays. Or we can always just post more treasures from Mike's private sketch folder. is a digital parody comic about Comic Book Characters. The original characters are owned by Marvel, DC and other respective copyright owners. PassFailStudios uses the names and images of these figures for the purposes of satire. The opinions and words expressed on this site should not be construed as text from Marvel or DC comics.