Issue 26: GL vs Brite

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From the mind of Scott...Interestingly enough we all worked somewhat artistically on this strip. Mike did the pencils, I did the flats, Scott the the shades, I did the highlights...then Mike got it back and said "WTF? You guys are nuts" and redid the colors.

Hope you like it. Full strips resume next week.

The Parallax Anomaly

So, the concept of this sketch actually predates PassFailStudios. Back before Mike had real things to draw (and hence is "too busy" to draw), he'd ask us to give him something to draw. I am a huge, ummm, proponent of Rainbow Brite, and I really liked the idea of the yellow portion of her rainbow penetrating a Green Lantern shield. Originally, I had Mike sketch John Stewart, but over Comic-Con he redrew it with Hal Jordan. Also, I made him make Rainbow Brite hot, unlike in the cartoon, where she's a stupid pygmy bitch. I recently rewatched some of the series, and I do believe it's about enslaving the Sprites to mine star sprinkles to power her rainbow belt that makes rainbows come out of closets. Interpret it as you will.

In any case, there was an amusing encounter at Disneyland when I was talking real loudly about the Rainbow Brite movie. I remember it being really fucked up and dark--it's on my Netflix queue so I can confirm this--but an employee overheard and started mocking me.

This also marks the first sketch/strip created when all 3 of us at PassFailStudios were together in person. The conversation went something like this:

Mike: Tim, you have a sloppy colon!
Tim: And you're going to draw it!
Mike: Oh, yeah, I forgot.

We really can't go anywhere nice.

Also I made the rainbow and horrible, horrible polygonal shield.

Jokeback Mountain

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