Issue 25: Welcome to Comic-Cons!

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Ok, this is not the sketch I promised in my last post. This was actually done before Comic-Con. The drawing done while at Comic-Con is still on its way though. Just keep watching the site, faithful viewers!


As Scott said (and as the strip falsely depicts), we've been in San Diego for the past week at Comic-Con, and were just way too busy to update the site. In fact I think I'm still recovering.

In other news we DO have 2 strips that are ready to go. (one colored pin-up, and one real strip) Look for the pin-up Friday/Saturday and the strip early/late next week. I know it's been a while since we've done a strip, so thank you for being patient, in the meantime look at all the cool stuff I got. There is a big hole in my wallet. Please fill it by clicking on some of our ads :)

Toy Exclusives! (The Man-Wolf was $1)

All these Trades were 50% off. Before you question my choices...I KNOW it's Liefeld, but Deadpool's in it...

A Penny-Arcade Laser Cel

A comissioned sketch of the Merc-With-A-Mouth himself, Deadpool.

Comissioned Sketch of Invincible!


Green Lantern!

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