Issue 21: Will Someone PLEASE think of the Penguins?

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So Mike came up with this comic, and insisted on doing it. It makes sense if you've been following Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX run, where Mr. Castle seems to be systematically wiping out gangsters that share ethnicity. I wasn't too on board with this strip...until Mike promised me the butchering of Eskimos. I've never trusted Eskimos and never will. I'll never forgive them for the death of my boy.

I don't know if I could really recommend any of Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX series. Whereas his non-Max Punisher stories were violent in a fun way, (as fun as feeding an old woman to a bear can be), his new stories are just gross without a point. Ennis' is really using the MAX label as a license to cut off people's balls and faces and then show them to us. Every time I read one of his TPBs I just feel more and more dirty.

Onto an entirely different subject...WHO'S EXCITED FOR SUPERMAN!!!

I know I have my tickets. I picked up four different Superman DVDs this week and ended up getting these free passes. Looks like the whole family is going this Tuesday! (special 10:00 showing)

I believe that a man can fly.

Superman WHO?


If this opens on a Friday (which it won't) it's going to be the #1 opening weekend of all time. I guarantee it. You must give me props when it happens.

Does this make sense to anyone else?

[02:15] ultramike: how is punisher a vietnam vet?
[02:15] ultramike: except he's still looks like he's 30?
[02:15] Tim: so everybody else ages normally
[02:15] Tim: but the world moves at our pace
[02:15] Tim: whereas people age at comic pace
[02:16] Tim: which is like 12 issues in one year
[02:16] Tim: so it's like maybe one month a year
[02:16] ultramike: that still doesnt explain the punisher
[02:17] Tim: yes it does
[02:17] Tim: because he aged normally after coming back from vietnam
[02:17] Tim: but the world progressed normally
[02:17] Tim: hgmmm
[02:17] Tim: i used the same adverb
[02:17] Tim: okay "issue time" is the amount of time spent in an issue
[02:18] Tim: "world time" is the amount of time that passes in the reader's universe
[02:18] Tim: so punisher exists in "real time"
[02:18] Tim: no
[02:18] Tim: the punisher is in "issue time"
[02:18] Tim: and the world he lives in moves at "world time"
[02:18] Tim: so it's been like 40 years of "world time"
[02:18] Tim: but punisher has been through maybe 3 months of "issue time"
[02:19] Tim: or more like 4-5 years of "issue time"
[02:19] Tim: it's geniousity
[02:19] ultramike: ok, i thought i wanted to talk to you but now i realize i really didn't

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