Issue 20: Mmph!

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See ya later, Batgirl!

I was a huge fan of the recent Batgirl series. Although I didn't like the art, and most of the stories were pretty pedestrian...ok, so I didn't like the series, but Cassandra Cain was a great character nonetheless -- can't read, can't talk, and just as screwed up as Batman. While Robin and the rest of the Bat-clan exist to keep Batman from getting too grim, Batgirl tended to indulge Batman's more psychotic side.

It would have been fun to see how writers would write a character who couldn't talk or understand speech in her solo book. But, unfortunately, the first thing they did was "rewire" her brain for speech. Way to take the easy way out, guys.

Well, I stayed on board for about 70 more issues, and eventually, all of her interesting aspects were written out, ultimately becoming a rather bland run-of-the-mill superhero book. I wasn't all that surprised when they decided to toss her and replace her with this new "controversial" Batwoman (If you haven't read the CNN article yet, she's a lesbian).

That's the end of my ranting for now. I think Cass has surfaced in some other Bat-books recently, but it didn't sound like they were doing anything particularly interesting with her. I hope future comic-writers take this as a case-study of how not to write a solo book.


I don't follow too much of the bat family, but when I first heard the news about the new Batwoman I was confused. Wasn't Batgirl enough of a minority as is? But then I started thinking about it. How many lesbians from the DC universe can I name? Three at most; I don't really remember whether Fire's officially a full-fledged lesbo or if it was just kinda-sorta (didn't she date that one dude with the ponytail way back in JLA V2? Or was it just a really muscular woman?). Point is, I can name a lot more asian heroes and villians than lesbians. So maybe a lesbian Batwoman is a good thing; you've got to have some reason to dress up in leather and kevlar and prowl the night. Batgirl's costume has "GIMP" written all over it.

But I don't think that "lack of diversity"'s necessarily the reason to toss one character aside to make way for a new one. We don't see Tom Kalmaku (Hal Jordan's eskimo friend) becoming the new Flash simply because eskimos are underrepresented in comics. (Aside: Sorry, DC, if I somehow spoiled it on accident. But you have to admit, it would be really funny if he fought Captain Cold!) In the end, with all the publicity for this new Batwoman on CNN, etc., clearly this move is meant to draw a whole new audience to comics to make more money. And you can't fault any company for that. And more readers for DC might mean more readers for us, so go get 'em, Batwoman! I will see you in 52!

P.S. - I wanted the punchline to this comic to be along the lines of "What do you mean I taste like Dick?" But I guess that's not what we went with. And if you don't get the dead Mac icon, don't worry, neither do I 100%. It's cause Batgirl doesn't like to talk, but when she does, she likes to speak in clipart.

Strip Retcon

Sorry Mike, I guess Superboy must have punched time again...becuase Scott's joke was too good not to use. Your Mac icon has been retconned.

And that my friends is what you call a double entendre!

Batgirl Revisited

I own every single issue of "Cassandra Cain" Batgirl. I own the issues where she was in Superboy. I own the Ghost/Batgirl Crossover. I own the JLA: Elite stuff. Mainly because Batgirl was in it. Deadpool and Cassandra Cain are really the only two "characters" I follow in comics. I buy their stuff, soley for the reason that I love their chracters. In the past 2 or so years, Batgirl has really taken a dive in quality. I don't know what it is, but her stories just weren't that great anymore. I bought her comics out of loyalty, but I always hoped they would get better. When the Batgirl ongoing was cancelled, I figured it was a good place to stop following the character.

Apparently now Cassandra is some villian who murders little babies or something totally ridiculous. I haven't really been following the OYL books. If anybody can send me some links to some scans or some more info that would be great. A reader directed me to this post where old "cass" fans are clamoring for a return to Batgirl.

Honestly, I had gotten a bit bored with Cassandra...but turning her into the lead assassin for the League of Assasins, is just butchering her character. Forget the Lesbian. Bring back Batgirl. is a digital parody comic about Comic Book Characters. The original characters are owned by Marvel, DC and other respective copyright owners. PassFailStudios uses the names and images of these figures for the purposes of satire. The opinions and words expressed on this site should not be construed as text from Marvel or DC comics.