Issue 18: X3: Revisited

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More X3

Hey more X3 bashing! I guess I never posted my thoughts about the movie. I noticed while watching the movie I kept on saying "Oh hey that's pretty cool" and "This isn't as bad as everybody was saying..." But after sleeping on it, and thinking about it a little more, there were about a zillion things wrong with the movie... Most of them centered around Magneto's defeat.

If there's one thing I hate it's badass supervillians being taken out like chumps. How in the world can a man who can move bridges be taken down by Beast? I guess it's better than Fantastic Four where Doom, the baddest of the bad, was a chump to begin with...Still given that the X3 writers took about every X-Men Storyline ever, and jammed it into one movie. (It's the Phoenix Saga/Astonishing/Morlocks/Whatever) You think they could have jammed in ONE of Magneto's decent death scenes (of which he has many). Of course my favorite is Wolverine lopping off his head. Then in X4 it would be revealed to be Xorn's brother, pretending to be Magneto, pretending to be Xorn.

In other news we now have an RSS Feed that I spent a decent amount of time working on, so please use it. I know 50% of you use Firefox, so you have no excuse. Unless your excuse is thinking we suck.

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