Issue 15: Too Soon?

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Our script writing process generally goes like this:

    Tim/Scott: Hey we should do (something offensive)
    Mike: You are a horrible person. I'm not drawing that.

So this idea was tossed back and forth being vetoed and un-vetoed. At one point we were tossing around ideas about a white blood cell arrow, and another strip involved Dr. Light. ( don't want to go there) We finally came up with this one. Did we succeed in making AIDS funny? Only time will tell. Perhaps it was too soon.

Onto the actual content of the strip, why is it that everything Judd Winick writes has AIDS in it? I'll give him credit where credit is due, and say that at least with Speedy it makes sense. He's also a damn good writer, so I can't really fault him for's just something I noticed. Well he only has like two things that he writes that has AIDS. Still, that's like infinity more percent than most writers.

Speedy on the other hand, I've actually come to loathe. Mainly because her popularity means that Arrowette is never coming back. I guess all three people who actually read Young Justice actually care, but I always thought that she would have become Green Arrow's next sidekick. I actually miss a lot about Young Justice. I miss when Bart was funny. I miss when Wonder Girl was a bookish nerd. (I guess losing your glasses really does make your bust grow) I miss Slo-bo. Still since Teen Titans outsells YJ by about elventy-billion, I guess I'll always have backissues.

...yeah okay I swear it was Mike who wanted to make fun of AIDS. Send the hate mail to him.

Dear Mr. Jim Lee

Dear Mr. Jim Lee,

Just becuase Frank Miller has gone batshit fucking loco, doesn't mean you have to draw it.

sincerely, Tim Wan.

(unless it is in your contract)

In the land of the blind...

When this strip was first proposed, it immediately was sent to the "Rejected" pile. But through debate and revision, it has found its way to the main page. I'm so proud. You can learn all about it on E! True Internet Story in the coming weeks. By the way, there is a bus to hell, and I am purported to be its driver. So hop aboard!

On a completely unrelated note, in the NBA playoffs 3 series are going to a game 7 (just in case you haven't been following but actually care). I'm totally psyched. Go Mavs, Cavs, and (Suns or Clips)! In a perfect world, that would've rhymed completely. Yet more evidence that this New Earth is not yet perfect.

Why do toys kick ass?

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