Issue 11: Reign of Superboy

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Re: On Juggernaut

This thread is useless without pics. (I'm looking at you, scott)


We're EARLY! Oh yeah here's the strip.

I had Infinite Crisis spoiled for me, by some jackass who had the ending in his signature on a messageboard. I guess I shouldn't be trolling around comic messageboards, if I don't want spoilers...but really I think that there should be a month after a comic is published, that it's still considered a "spoiler". Not in your damn signature on Thursday. Not everybody goes to the comic store on Wednesday right when it opens. (I am not admitting to anything)

I guess if the next issue has come out, then it's your fault for not reading the previous issue. Unless the comic is something super late, like Danger Girl, or any other J.Scott Campbell book. In which case, the previous 30 day rule applies.

On an entirely different topic, where are you guys coming from? Take a look at the following:

I webmaster two other websites, and I've never seen statistics like this. 50% Firefox users? 40% IE? I've never seen IE dip below 85% on my other sites. It sort of makes me wonder where you guys are getting the links from.

So someone send me a logical explanation for this. Is there like a that is linking to us? I mean I have a list of the sites that link to us, (mainly messageboards)...but it really doesn't explain the above, and it's bugging me like crazy.


On Juggernaut

I gotta say something in response to the X-Men site (which is awesome because it feels like I'm using Cerebro to stalk Kitty Pryde! My dream comes true at last!) and I went to the Juggernaut entry. Are they just going to make him a mutant? I know for a movie that's probably easiest to pass off to the general public, but the lack of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak will make me die a little inside. That's not my biggest complaint about Juggernaut. Oh no, not in the least. His costume appears to be simply a leather bra and body hair. Which I guess should actually make me happy because that means I already own a Juggernaut costume.

Punching Time

I believe this is officially not a spoiler, as it has been more than 30 days since the Batman annual was published, and the Jason Todd/Red Hood's origin have been revealed.

Seriously though, remember when the saying was: "The only people who stay dead in comics are Uncle Ben, Bucky and Jason Todd"? Suddenly Bucky and Jason Todd are back? Now I haven't read any of the Winter Soldier storyline, but I've been actively following the Jason Todd storyline. For the most part, I thought it was a better than average storyline. Seriously though, if you're going to break the aforementioned "rule" of death in comics, you better do it to write the story of the decade...not a "better than average storyline". I guess I was "miffed" at the whole thing. (is that even a word?) That was until I read the Batman Annual.

The entire Red Hood/Jason storyline led us to believe that Jason had never died, and for some reason he's back and pissed at Bruce. Seemed reasonable, but HOW did he never die? SUPERBOY PUNCHED TIME! Holy crap. Seriously, how do you come up with an origin like that? First of all the story isn't even remotely connected to Infinite Crisis, but they use IC to explain the most important plot hole? Punching time? That's worse than, Wolverine killed Xorn's Brother, who was pretending to be Magneto, pretending to be Xorn. So Magento and Xorn are now alive. (but not by much)

Punching Time....yeah...

Back to the strip, I readily recall that "Reign of Superman" was one of the first Trade Paperbacks that I ever bought. (at Costco too) I remember thinking for sure Eradicator was the real Superman, and was quite shocked when he got butchered by Cyborg. I was in 7th grade at the time, and I thought it was super violent. I always thought Cyborg was a great original character, but I can't seem to recall him being in any Superman story worth a crap since he blew up Coast City.

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